Donate blood is an act of love for others. And more than that, by making this gesture, the donor can give hope of life and health to those who need the most. On november 20, 2021, the Bootminas Group had the pleasure of conducting a blood donation campaign at the blood center of Alfenas

Read now, 5 reasons that will make you a volunteer donor.

1- A single donation can save up to four lifes.

If you are in good conditions of health, donate. After all, it is a simple, fast and safe attitude that can help up to four people. It is worth remembering that when someone needs a blood transfusion, they can only count on the solidarity of other people.

2- There is no substitute for blood.

Science has advanced a lot and made countless discoveries. But no scientist had yet found another way to care for someone in need of blood, besides donation. There are some synthetic products that can even delay a transfusion, but this is a palliative and temporary method, which does not replace human blood.

3- There is no risk of contracting diseases during donation.

In addition to all material used during collection being sterilized and disposable, all candidates for donation are submitted to a clinical interview, where the donation criteria will be evaluated, in accordance with current legislation of the Ministry of Health/National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). Therefore, there is no risk of contracting any disease during the donation.

4- Your body quickly replenishes donated blood.

An adult, whether male of female, has an average of five liters of blood in his body. And in a donation, a maximum of 450 millimiters collected. That is, less than 10% of all blood in your body. This volume is replaced within 24 hours by the body.

5- The donor is entitled to a day off from work.

Volunteers who donate blood are entitled to one day off every 12 months worked, provided that the donation is duly proven, in accordance with the terms set out in the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT)

Source: Unimed

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