On September 17, 2021, the Bootminas Group had the pleasure of having the psychologist Mariane Herédia de Oliveira to carry out a round of 
conversation with its employees. The topics covered were awareness about suicide, valuing life and information about CVV -
Centro de Valorização da Vida(Center of Valorization of Life).

September is suicide prevention month, also called Yellow September. Suicide is considered by the Ministry of Health as a public health
problem, taking away the life of one person every hour in Brazil, the same period in which three others tried to kill themselves without success.

The Yellow September campaign was created in 2015 by the Centro de Valorização da Vida (CVV) and aims to promote prevention through
awareness and discussion of the topic. Unfortunately, there are many taboos surrounding suicide, which create scope for invention and
misinterpretation of causes and symptoms. Suicides are preventable, so it is necessary to talk about and make it public that there are symptoms,
treatments and ways to help.

Understand Suicide: Suicide is a complex phenomenon that can affect people from different backgrounds, social classes, ages, sexual
orientations and gender identity. Knowing how to recognize the warning signs in yourself or someone close to you can be the first and most
important step.Many people have gone through this and found a way to overcome this suffering.

Some myths about the topic:
Talking about depression makes it worse.
Depression is lack of God.
Depression is whining.
If you occupied your mind you wouldn't be depressed.
Lack of what to do.
The person who thinks about suicide does not threaten or talk about it.
People who talk about suicide just want to get attention.
Suicide is hereditary.

        Asking for help: Talk to someone you trust, don't hesitate to ask for help, you may need someone to accompany you and help you get in
touch with support services.

Where to go for help?

CAPS and Basic Health Units

CVV: telephone 188 (toll free), chat and email via cvv.org.br

Emergency: SAMU 192, UPA, Emergency Room and Hospitals.
   How to help: 

Watch out for comments like "I'm going to disappear", "I'll leave you alone", "I wish I could sleep and never wake up",
"It's useless to try to do something to change".

Offer help: Ask if you can do something to help, this can encourage the person to vent.

Be a good listener: be empathetic, listen to what the person has to say without judging or trying to assess.

What not to do? condemn or judge; trivialize or diminish; opine; give sermons; speak encouraging phrases.

Become a volunteer:
CVV volunteers donate their time and attention to converse with another person anonymously, confidentially and without
judgment or criticism - cvv.org.br/voluntario

The informations in this text were taken from the website of the Center for the Valorization of Life.

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