Bootminas concluded in July the vaccination of its employees. The company, that during the entire period of the pandemic,
took several preventive and safety measures is now with 100% of its collaborators properly immunized with the first dose.

Despite all the adversities that affected millions of companies in Brazil and around the world, the Bootminas Group worked tirelessly
to ensure the health of employees and their families in this pandemic. The company also secured jobs and fulfilled its obligations
with customers throughout the period.

According to the administrative director Cristina Paiva, “The pandemic reshaped aspects of social and business life and brought several challenges:
impacted sales, resulted in supplier delays and changed the work routine. However, we do not let up, we manage with austerity
and today we can say that we had no serious illness or cuts in the workforce".

The workers vaccination process is provided for in the National Immunization Plan and, as soon as the City Hall of Guaxupé opened it for local industries
to be registered, the company immediately mobilized. Vaccination, together with prevention measures, will give more security and confidence to employees


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